Advertorial: Nespresso Professional takes inspiration from coffee shop culture


Nespresso is always looking to optimise and expand its coffee ranges to match the evolving needs of its customers. Directly influenced by coffee shop culture, Nespresso Professional has now revamped its Creations category for employees across the UK wanting to enjoy a gourmet break, with two indulgent flavours, Caffè Vanilio and Caffè Caramello, as well as a new dedicated coffee base to replace Espresso Forte.

Appealing to those who prefer a more customised and experiential approach, the new bespoke coffee base has been specially crafted in order to work well in any recipe – be that flavoured, with ice or with different kinds of milk and in different cup sizes. The new base has Arabica coffee beans from Brazil and Colombia and is less intense than the previous Espresso Caramel and Espresso Vanilla.

With an uncompromising commitment to quality and choice paramount to Nespresso Professional’s product offering, it is always searching for opportunities to deliver new coffee experiences for coffee lovers to enjoy out-of-home. The revamped Caffè Vanilio and Caffè Caramello capsules do just that. The blends have been expertly crafted to achieve a harmonious balance between the roasted coffee notes and the delicate added flavours.

New Nespresso Professional Creations capsules

 Caffè Vanilio – A vanilla-flavoured espresso with a silky texture and warming aroma. Combined with the cereal and red fruit notes of the base coffee, it also displays sweet biscuit aromatics and a touch of nuts. There’s no one way to drink coffee, but for any of your vanilla-flavoured coffee creations, Caffè Vanilio is the answer.

  1. Notes: vanilla & malted cereal
  2. Cup size: espresso (40ml), lungo (110ml)

 Caffè Caramello – For all your caramel-flavoured coffee creations, Caffè Caramello is a blend of biscuity caramel and silky-textured South American Arabicas along with their malty, nutty and roasted notes.

  1. Notes: caramel & almond cake
  2. Cup size: espresso (40ml), lungo (110ml)

 There are two easy-to-reproduce signature recipes for the revamped flavours – Caffè Caramello Day-at-the-Fair Cappuccino and Caffè Vanilio Almond Crush.

Nespresso Professional’s revamped Creations flavours are available through the Nespresso Professional website, salesforce, the CRC and Nespresso-approved distributors. For further information, please visit the Nespresso Professional UK&ROI website here.